De Meulemeester
more than a century of passion for horticulture

Since 1898


From the 19th century, the azalea is the showpiece of Ghent’s floriculture industry. This also applies to the De Meulemeester family. Founded in 1898, the family business proudly bundles 4 generations of passion and expertise in the cultivation of azaleas and euonymus.

Today, the company is a leading ornamental grower with a modern & environmentally friendly infrastructure for the production and export of plants.


Home grown

JDM has 80,000 m2 of production area spread over 2 units with a combined capacity of more than 600,000 plants annually.

Forcing Unit

In the forcing unit, we flower green azaleas in a controlled way. With our forcing unit, we can adequately satisfy client requests and guarantee a constant quality.

Broad floriculture product range

JDM distributes a full range of indoor and outdoor floriculture products: euonymus, auricula, calluna, conifers, green plants and flowering houseplants, tree nursery products, …

Wholesale & Export

Next to its own production, JDM focuses on wholesale and export of the entire floricultural range across Europe and beyond.